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Painting cabin GVS

Painting cabin designed for the dry filtering of paint fumes.


Cabine GVS

The series GVS painting cabins carry out the dry filtering of paint fumes. The suction vent is positioned on the roof of the cabin, while the suction unit can be positioned on the roof or on the ground.

The cabins are complete with electric panel, lights and differential pressure switch for signalling the degree of blockage of the filters.

Filtration stage 1: Accordion filter
Efficiency at 0,75 m/sec: 91-98% (ASHRAE 2.76)
Dust accumulation: 3-18 kg/m2
Loss of charge: 130-250 Pa

Filtration stage 2: Fibreglass cells
Stoppage: G3 (EN779G3)
Dust accumulation: 5-6 kg/m2
Loss of charge: 40-140 Pa


  • Piping, chimney and installation
  • Electrical connections


Filtro a fisarmonica - Cabine di aspirazione


Filtro in fibre di vetro - Cabine di verniciatura


Plafoniere in cabine di verniciatura


Passaggio carro ponte in cabina di verniciatura



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