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Cartridge filters GCP-145-15

Filter with pneumatic cleaning system to prolong the suction action.


Filtro GCP-145-15 - Filtro a cartucce per polveri fini

The GCP filter is used to eliminate dust with fine granulometry and high concentration.

The dust is removed in a container on a trolley or through a star valve. The cartridge cleaning system is automatic and uses compressed air jets in counter-current with an electronic control unit to vary the frequency of the cleaning jets depending on the effective degree of blockage of the cartridges, allowing savings on air and increasing the life of the cartridges.


  • Galvanised metal structure
  • Lung with built-in solenoid valves
  • Railings on roof
  • Anti-explosion panels
  • Inspection hatch
  • Collection container on a trolley
  • Cartridges d=145 mm h=1500 mm


  • Star valve for eliminating dust continually
  • Fire-prevention ystem
  • Access ladder to roof
  • Various size filters and materials
  • Stainless steel filtering body


Filtro a cartuccia


Serbatoio aria compressa


Pannello antiscoppio



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