We improve indoor air qualityAir treatment systems specific for each processing.

Air Suction systemsIndustrial air treatment for fumes, dusts, vapors, oils, solvents, etc.

ExpertiseAir treatment systems for every industrial sector.

Systems and services for treating air and noise

Area Technicians and Technical Department

Our technical team operates together to design and create the best system for the Customer in the shortest time. Area TechnicianThe Area Technician visits the Customerís premises to analyse the needs, take the structural measurements and c ...

Direzione squadra montaggio

Direzione squadra montaggio

Extraction systems for woodworking plants

Dust and wood chips expose businesses and operators to two main risk factors: fire and negative health effects. However ...

Biofilter and Biofiltration

The Biofilter

Biofiltration is a process that allows for the non-selective removal of the volatile organic compounds present in a stre ...

Coalescer filter

Coalescence purifiers

Coalescence purifiers are ideal in cases where it is necessary to filter oily mists made up of tiny particles< ...

Wide range of products
Cabine GVS

Painting cabin GVS

Filtro GCP-325-15

Cartridge filters GCP-325-15

Filtro GMP-15-25 - Filtro a maniche

Sleeve Filters GMP-15-25

Filtro GCS-s500 - Filtro a carboni attivi

Active Carbon filters GCS-s500




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10092 Beinasco (TO) - Italia
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Fax (+39) +39 011 19790330

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